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texas hold em poker game Respect human rights

Human rights are fundamental to the fairer, more socially inclusive world we want to see.

That’s why respect for human rights is a non-negotiable part of doing business with Unilever.

An illustration of two factory workers

Strategy and goals

We want to see a world where no one is left behind. That world can only be built if we have the right foundation: respect for human rights.

We aim to advance and promote respect for human rights in everything we do.

We’re hardwiring this respect into our business. That means within our workplaces. Through our supply and distribution chain – where our Responsible Partner Policy is central to our aim to drive a positive impact. And through our brands.

Find out about our texas hold em poker game Respect human rights strategy and goals
Woman wearing a Unilever t-shirt at our factory in Brazil

Taking a stand

Millions of people contribute to our business – from the people who keep our factories and distribution centres running to the smallholder farmers who grow the ingredients for our products. Their human rights must be respected at every stage of our relationship with them.

We’re harnessing the scale and reach of our business to make a positive difference to these individuals in our value chain – and to wider society.

Working with others is the only way we’ll make sure respect for human rights is at the heart of a fairer, more socially inclusive world.

Discover how we’re taking a stand to respect human rights
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