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free texas hold'em games Strategy and goals

texas hold'em rules pdf

We believe physical and mental health, wellbeing and inclusion are crucial contributors to good health. We are using our scale and reach, as well as the power of our brands, to develop more creative programmes and partnerships that can promote health, wellbeing and greater inclusion for all members of society.

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how to play texas hold 'em Lifebuoy, Dove, Pepsodent and Signal, and Vaseline reached millions of people through TV advertising and on-ground programmes.

We believe physical and mental health, wellbeing and inclusion are crucial contributors to overall health. Through some of our largest Personal Care and Beauty & Wellbeing brands, we are tackling important health and wellbeing issues such as body confidence and self-esteem, hand hygiene, oral health, and skin health and healing. In 2022, we reached 667 million people through brand purpose programmes.

With over 125 years of research and heritage in personal health and hygiene, Lifebuoy has been raising awareness on the importance of handwashing through its long-standing behaviour-change programmes and, more recently, through powerful TV commercials that are proven to help improve hand hygiene behaviour. Lifebuoy is the biggest contributor to Unilever’s Health and Wellbeing Compass target and in 2022, it reached 647 million people through TV commercials alongside behaviour-change programmes that are reaching children and mothers at scale in around 30 countries.

For nearly two decades, Dove has been providing pioneering body confidence programmes for young people around the world that have a proven positive impact on self-esteem. Through the Dove Self-Esteem Project, the brand continues to reach young people through on-ground programmes and digital channels such as mobile games, e-books and digital content partnerships.

Pepsodent and Signal have a long-term commitment to promoting toothbrushing to children through on-ground ‘Brush Day & Night’ educational programme in schools, television adverts which promote oral health and hygiene, and digital content partnerships such as with the Cartoon Network.

Vaseline believes skin health is a right, not a privilege. The brand continues to provide support to healthcare workers who are treating people affected by poverty and emergencies, as well as offering dermatologist-led training programmes to improve knowledge of skin health among healthcare workers and help identify and treat skin conditions in their patients.

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