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Please see our Financial calendar where you can set reminders for quarterly results, dividend payments and more.


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Unilever pays dividends quarterly. To view the dates for the current year please see the dividend calendar

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The dividends paid on all four of our stocks are provided since 1999. To view the payment history for an individual stock, please visit the 'Dividends' section and then select the dividend history for the stock you are interested in.

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Yes you can. Unilever PLC offers a dividend reinvestment plan (DRiP) that is a convenient, easy way to build your shareholding by using your cash dividends to buy additional shares. Further information on each scheme is provided by clicking on the Dividends section.

Please note that the operation of the DRiP will be reviewed following the conclusion of negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, known as the “Brexit negotiations”, as these negotiations may impact the ability for UK financial services companies to hold and trade the assets of EEA residents, which would mean that enrolment in the DRiP would not be available to EEA residents.

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Dividend on the Unilever PLC shares listed in London is paid in Sterling.

Dividend on the Unilever PLC shares listed in Amsterdam is paid in Euros.

Dividend on the ADRs is paid in US dollars.

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Please find Computershare Investor Services' contact details on our Contacts page .

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Unilever PLC's share register in the UK is maintained by Computershare Investor Services PLC. Matters for their attention include:

  • Paying dividends directly into a bank account
  • Change of personal details (including a change of address)
  • Reporting a lost certificate
  • Transferring PLC shares into another person's name
  • Share Dealing (Buying or Selling) service
  • Reporting the death of a PLC shareholder

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Please find ABN AMRO’s contact details on our Contacts page

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Matters for ABN AMRO’s attention include:

  • Proxy voting
  • Possibilities regarding dividend reinvestment

Matters that should be brought to the attention of your broker/bank include:

  • Payment of dividends
  • Death of a shareholder
  • Voting


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Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas

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Unilever PLC's American Depositary Receipts (ADR) register in the US is maintained by Deutsche Bank Shareholder Services. Matters for their attention include:

  • Paying dividends directly into a bank account
  • Change of personal details (including a change of address)
  • Transferring PLC ADRs into another person's name
  • Reporting the death of a PLC ADR shareholder

Please find Deutsche Bank Shareholder Services' contact details on our Contacts page .

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Unilever's ratio is 1:1 (i.e. one ADR represents one underlying Unilever PLC share.

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PLC's issued share capital is made up of 2,629,243,772 ordinary shares of 3 1/9p each.

An American Depositary Receipt or ADR is a negotiable instrument that represents ownership in securities of a non-U.S. company; it is a mechanism that facilitates U.S. trading of non-U.S. securities. ADRs provide U.S. investors with a convenient way to invest in overseas securities. ADRs are issued by a depositary bank and are traded in the same manner as shares in U.S. companies on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Nasdaq and the Over-The-Counter (OTC) market. Unilever PLC ADRs trade on the NYSE, symbol UL and Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas. is the depositary bank that issues ADRs.

ADRs eliminate many of the obstacles of holding non-U.S. securities since they trade and settle according to U.S. market practices, are quoted and traded in dollars and pay dividends in dollars, eliminate custodian safekeeping charges in the issuer's home country facilitate prompt dividend payments and corporate action notifications.

For non-US issuers, an ADR programme can stimulate investor interest, broaden a company's shareholder base and raise a company's visibility in the US.

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An ADS is a share, evidenced by an ADR, that represents a specified number of underlying shares held in custody in the issuer's home market. The terms ADR and ADS are often used interchangeably. The ratio for the number of underlying shares represented by one American depositary receipt (ADR) is typically depicted as, for example, 3:1, or one ADR representing three underlying shares. Unilever's ratio is 1:1, i.e. one ADR represents one underlying Unilever PLC share. ADR holders are generally entitled to the same rights as the underlying shareholders, subject to the terms specified on the ADR certificate.

To convert your underlying shares into ADRs, you can transfer your underlying shares to Deutsche Bank custodian bank in the issuer's home country. On receipt of the underlying shares, Deutsche Bank will issue ADRs representing the newly deposited shares to you. On the other hand, to convert your ADRs into underlying shares, instruct your broker to cancel the ADRs, and provide him or her with complete delivery instructions in the issuer's home country.

In view of the value of your certificates and the expense associated with replacing lost certificates, you should keep them in a safe-deposit box or other secure place. Certificates are negotiable documents and should be signed only in the event of a sale or transfer of ownership. If your certificate is lost, stolen, or destroyed, notify Deutsche Bank Shareholder Services immediately.

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